Janet A. Dean


As a Nurse Practitioner with over a decade of experience in pain management, wellness, aesthetics, weight loss, and family practice I decided it was time to bring the best of all of my specializations to one place. I opened Silhouette Health and Wellness in 2017 so that I could help patients achieve optimal results when it came to feeling and looking their best.

Much of my practice and areas of specialization were inspired through personal experiences I’ve had over the years. I developed an interest in hormone optimization after going through peri-menopause myself. The hormone treatments I utilized were life-changing for me, and my patients frequently tell me that the same treatments were life-changing for them! On the other spectrum of wellness, my interest in skincare started in my teenage years when I would experiment with ingredients from the kitchen. I’m happy to say that I’ve upped my game since then and have become certified in different treatments and explored various skincare lines.

I grew up in Manchester, England, and received my Bachelor of Science from the University of Ottawa in Canada and my MS from Texas Woman’s University in Dallas. I currently live in Plano with my husband and our rescue pup, Charlie. We love camping in state parks through the spring and fall and hanging out at the pool in the summer.

I’ve taken my years of professional experience, personal encounters, and interest in different specialty areas to create Silhouette Health and Wellness. If you’re looking for a one-on-one and straightforward approach to your health needs and goals, get in touch today!

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