One aspect of finding balance in life and wellness is investing in how you feel about yourself. Whether you feel that your experience with hormonal imbalance has wrecked your skin or you’re looking for innovative solutions to restore a youthful glow and establish an effective skin care routine, ZO Skin Health has a lot to offer.

Silhouette Health and Wellness is proud to carry this skin care line, and we’ll help you find the best products for your needs. ZO Skin Health has been called “the future of intensive skincare” and was created by Dr. Zein Obagi after extensive clinical experience crafting treatments and regimens for healthy skin.

In addition to carrying ZO Skin Health products, we have access to incredible training, educational programs, seminars, and other resources so that we can help our patients find the best match for their skin, regardless of age or unique skin condition.

ZO Skin Health is equipped to handle a number of skin concerns and goals. Check out the areas below and get in touch for more information!

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